The Fall of Oriath: Act Seven Teasers

We get to fight Tachikomas??!!

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I could be wrong but im 100% sure this is already ingame

Take act 2 spiderweb in the sewer that you have to burn to get past and add it to act 2 area before the bandit bridge (forget its name lul) that you go thru = this
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Firefly00 wrote:

I would much prefer the addition of spears as a weapon type in their own right, available in one- and two-handed flavors.

Spears is in my top 5 wanted list for PoE. Spears could have higher weapon range and implicit chance to cause bleeding or give some physical penetration. Imagine spear+shield combo, would be so epic!

It's weird that no one uses spears, the most common and easy weapon humans ever made, in this world, except maybe Greust. But who cares about Greust, he is a dummy.
And what about x-bows?
I hope they will add this to the game as well.

Btw: nice work and hope it will be 07.06.2017 soon
Good job
What lvl will have monsters in new acts?
...also the inventory search, can you highlight the tab that matches the search, thanks.

I suspect searching across all of your tabs could cause (too?) high server load. So, maybe as an additional option, but not as default.
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My hands are shacking. Can't wait... can't wait...
Sorry for my English, it's not my native language.

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