Development Manifesto: Energy Shield and Life

How regretful.

I want to ask you:
What the difference between LIFE and ES builds with instant leech?
NONE except that ES pool is higher which helps to withstand hard blows (ELEMENTAL ONLY)! (Life/Armour will mitigate physical damage, while Life/Evasion gives evasion to all attack types)!
But you have to remember that ES builds sacrifices nodes/item slots/flasks slots to counter STUN/FREEZE/etc. which come non stop on red maps while life based have better in this aspect (the more life the better)!

If ES as you say will be CUT DOWN at high-end levels SO WHY YOU REMOVING INSTANT LEECH FOR ES?
Instead of balancing ES values you CUT DOWN builds VARIETY.

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But remember - enemy can 1 hit 8-9-10K es too while the life based builds can get basically lot of armour - evasion resists. For example uber lab - 4-5K damage into life based because armour or evasion / dodge - 8K into es based per full hit. It mean low chance to get 6K damage from 1 hit. + Life based builds have flasks - and the life based have atziri's acuity for instant leech. So life based all time was much stronger like energy shield based builds only dreamable ex need for make a good. Legacy kaom ( you gave for some players around 300 ex free with put into legacy - why not nerf only? so made some players rich while rip other peoples what is interesting ) = life based still unkillable. Legacy kaom + 2h 800+pdps weapon + acuity - crit base + 10K armour + endu charges = unkillable life builds. I think 7-8K life 10 times stronger like 14K es.
GGG just recycles buffs and nerfs. They don't want to balance. They want you to grind and always build a new character. Their concept of testing is using a script in God mode and call it good.

Now ES is back to version 1.2 when it was useless. Now life will be OP again and then maybe in 3.6 ES will be buffed and life will suck again. Everyone is going to play the bottom, left of the tree since this is where most of the life nodes are.

You as a community asked for the nerf so deal with it. If you want build diversity then stop asking for nerfs.
I think the game devs play on soft core because everything is slowly changing to tailor the game for the soft core community. Instead of adding more life to gear to make life based builds more viable they nerf ES. The soft core people are not dying enough with their perfectly rolled gear so they need to make soft core more fun by making it easier to die because lets face it 90% of the player base is based in soft core league.
Could you please highlight the links in your announcements so that I don't have to read the text and just click the link? I know...that is a high level of laziness.
That is true but you don't understand it seems. Until peoples running with 1600 ex gears no way to make game harder for them - only they will lose that players who can't make 100 ex profit per day like others - This is standard. / But in softcore leagues : Until players can kill shaper and uber atziri ( what is endgame ) on 2nd day of a new league start than something is really wrong I think. In league same. When first player find or make a gg item with 100% luck sure - all balance gone and he is unkillable again. The es nerf can't resolve this problem. If you understand what I mean. If dont wanna make balance - still 2nd day - shaper dead - uber atziri dead etc - something is bad.
Ant02 - yeah the balance changes should be complex but I´ll hope it´s just a start and beta testing. We will see and we also don´t know much about new pantheon system.
Rakiii wrote:
LG0012 - calm down clown, do you know what´s the beta testing is about? Have you ever read about new pantheon system. Adaptation is the key for evolution.

The only clown here is you. Peace!
“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”
― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring
Super excited for the major overhaul :D can't come soon enough lol
If you don't have anything nice to say, zip your lip!!!
GGG dont forget buff Life and melee players/builds!
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