Our upcoming Beta for the Fall of Oriath is intended to allow players to test Path of Exile's balance as it undergoes a significant number of changes. Among these changes are those that are coming to Energy Shield and other defences as part of our overall review of game balance. The team has written a Development Manifesto about these changes and what you can expect.
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For your benefit:

Now this is a story all about how
ES got nerfed right into the ground
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I made our Int defences totally fair

At the top of the tree, it was nerfed and raised
On niche builds was where it spent most of its days
Not for min-maxin', just trying to be cool
If you didn't like life, CI was your tool
'Til Vaal Pact and GR let it put life to shame
Started making trouble in the metagame
It cakewalked the fights and the team got scared
We said, "You're getting a big rework 'til the meta's repaired."

I ground down the values on all of the gear
Had to buff some base types to keep it all fair
All to nerf what you could get from the best rare
Then I whipped up new life mods
That all armour could share

We dialed down some keystones, giving them all a flaw
We tweaked crafted mods and we added some more
So that's all the changes
But don't you be a hater
You'll try it all out and we'll tweak it in Beta
Balance & Design
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