The Fall of Oriath: Act Five Concept Art

awesome ... but the yeti are... how can i says that... the face (and colors) are ugly in a good way , but the shape of bodies are ugly ... in a bad way ....
Rexeos wrote:
Great work. Nevertheless please no more violet/purple... its for teenagers/juvenils mentality only..

How did you come to this silly conclusion?
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Praise the sun \o/
I really like the stained glass window concept!
good,god will be with me(。^▽^)
Stained glass looks great
I like #2 (what are these, broken picture frames they're wearing? lol), then #1 or #7 and C, and finally the 3rd stained glass best.
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is it me or does kitava really hate picture frames?
the concept art looks soo friking coool!!! awesome job!:D cant wait to get my hands on the beta!! :D

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