While the development team are working hard to prepare the upcoming Beta, we've picked some new concept art to share as a hint of what's to come. Today we're revealing images of monsters from Act Five of our upcoming expansion Path of Exile: the Fall of Oriath. They include the Vendigo monsters, Cultists of Kitava and some stained-glass windows with the Rise of Innocence.

You'll see them all in game very soon, during the Fall of Oriath Beta.

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Grinding Gear Games
I love concept art!

More please. <3
Looks cool
Hardcore: Ragnaroth
Looking good guys
i like big crits and i cannot lie, you otha brothas cant denyyy....
That's not how you brandish a spear !

Nice ;)
Awesome stuff. Can't wait!

POE draws from Native American folklore now.

I was enjoying Wraeclast without the usual tropes.
GGG refuses to moderate Reddit, their official forum.
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