The Fall of Oriath: Act Five Concept Art

I just gotta say the Wendigos look pretty boring, fitting the description found in the Wikipedia entry too closely. Uninspired to say the least. And personally they look less like supernatural cannibals and more like comedy creatures. But they'll die so fast I won't notice how they look.
Sarno wrote:
I love concept art!

More please. <3

just the consum generation... just want more, and more.....

thank you for sharing concepts.

the new photoshop scripts to do mosaic stuff are still nice, i got a lot of scrits wif prismatic effects.

looKing forward to have a map stash tab

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copyright law.
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Lol at the vendigo's wearing painting frames as armor xD
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This is really cool, please MOAR
Looking gritty and nice~

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