The Fall of Oriath: Beta FAQ

I know I am one of the long time leechers, who have not payed for supporter packs. But I just wanted to let you know in case I am blessed and someone from GGG reads this and I get considered for Beta at all. That I have been inactive due to having a computer unable to handle poe. I have recently upgraded just for 3.0.0 Fall of Oriath! I am really hyped either way and was sad to miss most of legacy league. The chance to get legacy items slipping through my hands has hurt part of my soul. Anyway I just wanted to say that if there is some kind of list that sorts active vs inactive, shitty computer vs shitty computer, et cetera. That you could bump me up the list as being able to play all content of poe and starting to be active again.

Either way, I am proud that you are making the game harder like it used to be! The cries from the casuals will be loud, but in the end they will enjoy being challenged. It will be enjoyable to see streamers be challenged again and rip often. You are bringing ES back to it's roots and are making recharge rate and speed a factor in the game again. Once again, sorry to be shoving my nose up your ass with the sucking up, but, bravo and I hope beta goes well. I am super excited for summoners and everything else. But my love has always been melee and I hope pantheon defenses can help alleviate the danger they have to endure which other builds don't. Perhaps giving fortify to melee only might be a necessary change. Making it so on weapon switch it disappears would be awesome to eliminate that cheese. But I understand you can't make the game too hard and back to its roots all at once for fear of discouraging the less determined folks. I suggest you don't let reddit opinions have too much weight though. Reddit is widely known to be astroturfed(manipulated) and upvotes can be bought for very cheap to sway opinions. And of course the botting that goes on.

I do have one question though if you have an answer. If entering the beta, will there be a special feedback forum or a way to discuss changes with GGG? Or will it mostly be handled in game on the different server which will hold different globals and et cetera? Again, well done achieving your dream.
Can't wait!
Nice, cant wait for ten acts.
Yes :D
I didn't get invited in the past beta counter but that idea was so fantastic I wish you guys had brought it back.
good !!!
I want in. As my marauder life regen thingy that always lives. Please please please beta HC please please please (please tell me to stop if this hurts my chances) please please please please........
Hey, you forgot to send me a beta key
24.1.2018 [quote="Dro28"]wheres my fragment tab?[/quote]

(I thought that was a joke)

25.1.2018: GGG- Introducing the Fragment Stash Tab!

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