Crymsius' Auto-Tiering Filter for Colorblind - 3.10 UPDATE for Delirium

Yeah you can disable hightlighted maps. For Astral plates you're right, there are probably other bases missing too, it's planned for the next update (though I have a ton of work for the next weeks so that may have to wait for some days, I'll post a message when the update is live)
Customizable Colourblind-proof filter (Updated each league) -
Big Update for Uniques today + small changes + update to divination card tiers.
Enjoy :)

Patch note :
-Huge improvements on uniques tiered. They are now separated exactly the same as everything else, along with the sound. For bases that give more than one unique
with one of them being T0 or T1, display and sound will be different. Also the tiers are now easily modifiable thanks to (see the different tabs)
-Updated all Divination card tiers
-Added an option for 10% quality for gems
-Added the option to hide each currency independently
-Highlights for maps, Chance bases and Crafting bases are now off by default. You can activate them easily by checking the corresponding box
-Changed tier of Alchemy Orb (now same tier as chaos and fusing)
-Added T1 sound for journeyman cartographer's sextant
-Removed Warbands highlight for magic items (who needs that when you have shaped and elder items anyway...)
-Changed the crafting default crafting base and chance base
-Changed the behaviour when not highlighting 5L (hiding -> commenting)
Customizable Colourblind-proof filter (Updated each league) -

Been using your filter for endgame for a long time and now also for leveling. I have some feedback to share.

Leveling a spellcasting marauder and this is my config: I turned off (leveling) melee weapons, bows and quivers.

Outleveled rare items are heavily dimmed. I suggest reducing or removing that atleast for gloves/helms/boots as those can be equally useful regardless of base item. Perhaps body armour too.

I also suggest a bit of highlightning for 3-4 links as those are important in a fresh league.
Atleast they are displayed from what i could see so that is good.

Other than that nothing else comes to mind. It was working quite well for me.
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Hey! Thank you for your feedback, it's always appreciated and useful!

The leveling part of the filter is the next big update, it might not be ready for Beastiary but hopefully I'll find time to do it.

I'm waiting for the info from GGG to update the filter with the new div cards, uniques and items (nets).

The unique and div cards' tiers won't be very accurate but I'll try to update them early in the league to reflect the economy as best as I can.

Thanks again for using this filter!
Customizable Colourblind-proof filter (Updated each league) -
I took some time to solve the leveling issues. Here is the change log :

• Changed the leveling part :
  - Passed bases are now more visible
  - Armour Gear now is highlighted for 3 and 4 linked sockets
• Improved lisibility for flasks and quicksilver
• Fixed a bug where quicksilver flask would not play the leveling hightlight sound
• Scrolls are now bigger
• Added An option to hide or show magic/rare jewels
• Added a link for tiers in the filterblast overlay

There will be another update before 3.2 that will include everything for the new league (waiting for GGG message with all the info !)
Customizable Colourblind-proof filter (Updated each league) -
Thank you. It's an awesome filter you got there. I'll post here if i have some more suggestions.
The filter has been updated for 3.2. It's a small update since it only adds nets and bestiary orbs.
I also changed unique tiers to follow new zana mods (and updated harbingers' orbs and shards to go along).

I'll wait 3-4 days for the economy to settle down before updating tier lists for uniques and div cards.

Have fun!
Customizable Colourblind-proof filter (Updated each league) -
Great work once again!
One thing i noticed while leveling is that if i have turned off melee weapons, bows and quivers while leveling a caster i won't see any rares of these base items either.

I think it would be a good idea to keep rares displayed atleast for act 1 or so. They can be vendored for some orbs early on. But maybe that's just me.

Check the image. There is a pair of 3L boots there. It seems highlightning for 3-4 linked items is not working.
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I'll check that tomorrow, thanks for reporting it :)
Customizable Colourblind-proof filter (Updated each league) -

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