Crymsius's LootFilter - A filter for colour blind. - 3.3 Update is here

Edit [May 30 2018]

Update 3.3.0 : Incursion League Support is here

Hello exiles!

Before going anyfurther, if you want to see what the filter looks like, check out one of the filterblast down below or check the gallery section that displays some items and their tiers !

Storytime !

At the time when filters were new, I was playing very casually and being colour blind, I didn't want to rely on someone else's filter from fear I'd miss something, and started writing my own one. I left PoE behind for a year and came back in Prophecy in which I commited more than ever before, getting my first lvl 90 and managing to get 36/40 (it was also my first temporary-league character !). I've been doing 36/40 each league since (not in legacy, I took a break to prepare for 3.0) and continued to update the filter as I learned more and more about the end game.

Some IRL friends joined me in PoE and their feedback helped a lot to improve the filter and fix bugs !

Now for the filter

There are some directing lines I try to follow when I design the filter :
• Good looking
• Self explanatory (bigger, louder, brighter = better)
• Tiers and color schemes from PoE or the item itself
• The item name has to indicate what the item is.

Leveling Filter :
EndGame Filter :
Strict EndGame Filter :

(The three filters are essentially the same filter with different options checked in smartblocks)

Descriptions :


Leveling Filter

- Shows big RGB items
- Shows 4L normal and rare items
- Differentiates rare items from chance recipe (ilvl < 60) and chaos recipe (ilvl>=60) so you know when to change your filter
- Shows every normal and magic items

Endagme Filter

- Shows chaos and regal recipe with higlight for some parts of it (Chest/2H in dark blue borders, Rings/Amulets/Belts in cyan borders, Boots/Helm/Gloves in Black borders)
- Differentiates rare items from chaos and regal recipe
- Highlights good bases for rares
- Shows Cartographer's chisel recipe

Endagme Strict Filter

- Only shows good bases for rares
- Hides T4 and T3 currency, trash divination cards, uniques
- Hides chisel recipe
- Hides normal/magic flasks (even with quality)

The idea is to get colours and themes from the game itself : for instance for each league specific currencies, the colors will be those from the general theme of the league

Some examples :

• Silver Coin : silver + prophecy's purple.
• Currencies use the original font colour for currencies but use the white-blue-yellow tier colors for the background to differentiate an augmentation orb from a chaos one.
• Maps are using the grey of the item as the background and the white-yellow-red from the glyph as the text color.
• Sextants are currency but specifically for maps, thus the use of the font color of currencies, the background from maps and the border, white, yellow, red for apprentice, journeyman and master tiers.
• ...
Everything in the filter is meticulously crafted with that in mind. Also it's colourblind proof (well at least for my colourblindness which is moslty red-green-brown and blue-purple)

Features :
Colourblind-proof experience
• Colours and Themes follow Path of Exile's Style and look
• Regular + pre-league updates
Chaos/Regal Recipe higlights for groups of items : Chest/2H in dark blue borders, Rings/Amulets/Belts in cyan borders, Boots/Helm/Gloves in Black borders
Highlight of good bases items for rares
Highlight of good tiers for unique, currency, maps, essences, divination cards.
integration with filterblast : personalize what to show and what to hide as well as sound alerts, colors and bases to chance or craft !



Divination Cards






Future Updates

In the near future :
Revamp of the endgame rares with a better highlighting and customization for base types

For the indepth changelog, check this file :

If you have suggestions, ideas or anything please, post a message here, or via pm or on github

TL;DR : Pretty filter colour blind-proof, respectful of the game's and items' colours, that keeps being updated for leagues and economy.

Have fun !
Customizable Colourblind-proof filter (Updated each league) -"
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i am not colour blind but the effort is appreciated.
Updated the filter for 3.1, added changes in the first post. Have fun in Abyss :)
Customizable Colourblind-proof filter (Updated each league) -"
Doesn't work, can you fix?
Doesn't work, can you fix?

Just checked - this is fixed now. Redownload the file and all's good.
FilterBlast - a web-hub with up-to-date item filters and extra features
Yep sorry, it was a simple typo in chance bases (Lether instead of Leather). And Thanks Dissolator for hot fixing it !
Customizable Colourblind-proof filter (Updated each league) -"
would be nice with another option for displaying gems in filterblast.
maybe: Quality (> 10%) as well.

Show Drop Only gems
Show Quality (> 0%)
Show Others
Thanks for the feedback! Sure I can do that, i'll add it in the next update.

By the way, I did some adjustement last week with some important fixes on shaped maps that were not displayed correctly, updated some divination card tiers, and some minor bug fixes.

In the next big update I'm focusing on doing another tier for uniques (trash tier) so we can hide them without risking to hide a good one. With that I'll do something similar to what I did with divination cards that allow me to retier them easily when new uniques come out or when economy is shifting.
I'd like to improve the top tier rare item section too, maybe allow the user to choose what class he wants to see or what type of item (with some kind of sorting from ev/es/ar or something... i'll figure it out eventually)

Thanks again for using the filter, hf !
Customizable Colourblind-proof filter (Updated each league) -"
that sounds great. i am testing and using a lot of people's filters and yours is very good.

some additional feedback:

in filterblast if i remove entries like vault from highlighted maps it will still highlight that. it seems like atleast one map needs to be there. you might wanna add that in the descripion. edit: found out that you can disable shaped/unshaped highlightning in the block switches

edit: rare astral plates should probably be added to the good bases. it's hidden when i have highlight good bases only.
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