Development Manifesto: Damage Over Time Changes - Part 1

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Just testing to see if it will get better or worse. But regardless of this, I'd like to know, with respect to Caustic Arrow.

How will the Caustic Arrow gem be affected by the changes?
Its damage is degenerative, but the "cloud of chaos" is not considered poison. Is there any change? Will there be improvements in damage based on chaos in the skill tree?
Or will you have more points to catch, which will directly influence the "degenerative damage"?

I hope it has improvements, because with the balance in the gem, Guardians release, and decrease in damage of 50% in drillneck, the build is a millimeter to die for once ... Unfortunately.

Keep up the good work. Thank you!
just make cyclone the best skill ever i don't care about anything else
Such a convoluted way of doing things when the only thing that was broken was the "double dipping".(at least I think so)

They could've made it so that ignite, poison and and bleed were different "elements"(Calculation-wise)
Now don't throw stones at me yet -- Let me explain.

We're going to make ignite the example so this is not as wordy of an explanation.
We now make ignite as "burn" element. Ignite still scales from the damage of the initial hit but fire damage %increase will not be applied because it is now a different element. Damage over time% and burn% still work as intended.

In terms of resistances of players and monsters, we make a "burn" resist that is a copy of the fire resist. (We want a copy of fire res. so developers don't have to muck around adding minus burn resist to flammability curse or other items that interact with ignite). (You also don't need to show the players the burn resist; It's just there for calculations.)

By doing this, the only thing you remove is the "double dipping". I'm not sure this is easier or harder to implement but just giving my opinions as a player.

Thank you for reading.
Sydric wrote:

That sounds way more convoluted and unintuitive than GGG's solution. It also impacts non-double-dipping burning damage (like Scorching Ray) more than GGG's solution does.
Sydric wrote:
Such a convoluted way of doing things when the only thing that was broken was the "double dipping".(at least I think so)

I like GGG solution because you can choose if you want to scale initial hit, DoT effect or both. But the DoT doesn't rely on damage scaling of initial hit which actually make such builds feel more like DoT rather than oneshot everything with initial hit and melt bosses with additional bonus DoT. Also this way there will be more meaningful choices between specific damage modifiers.
So with switch from increased to MORE burning damage RF will get nice boost.

Wonder if one of those new support gems will work with RF, since now most optimal is 4L essence gloves or helmet.
Oh my...

The fun is over, time to dig a hole and crawl down.


Well, we will see how it turns out in the beta.
I hope it will be a good change, it affects a huge number of builds.

I have a feeling this isnt going to be a buff.
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