For the last several leagues, abilities that use damage over time mechanics such as Poison and Ignite have been present in a large majority of end game builds. The team has written a Development Manifesto that outlines some of the changes that are coming to this aspect of gameplay in 3.0.0.
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Double Dip Era is almost over.
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Bleed, poison, and ignite's base damage will be calculated from the base damage of the hit that applied them, rather than the total damage of the hit that applied them (so % increased attack damage and similar things will not affect the DOT of these effects at all, and things that previously double-dipped will only single-dip (they will still affect both hit damage and DOT, but not cumulatively)). The list of damage modifier types that directly affect DOT has not changed.

To compensate, the base DOT of these effects will be doubled, and increases to DOT on the passive tree have been increased. Bleeds dealt by players also do half their total damage against stationary monsters, rather than 1/6 damage (200% more, assuming that was implemented by buffing stationary damage rather than nerfing mobile damage).

Some support gems will receive additional balance changes. Increased Burning Damage will be changed to More Burning Damage. There will also be new support gems related to DOT effects at some point.

Followup post next week will discuss interactions with monsters, mechanically describing these effects as "Ailments", interactions between DOT effects and crit, and a new keystone.

A+ changes, very fair. Was hoping the nerfs wouldn't nerf Scorching Ray and I was not disappointed. Looking forward to the beta!
JohnNamikaze wrote:
Double Dip Era is almost over.

About time.
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Actually game was need it and its gonna be good also "HYPE! We have new keystone!!"
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This is not a Buff...

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