[*820*] Divinity is recruiting permanently!

This kind of guild is just what I've been looking for as I'm still butthurt about ending Breach with pitiful 22 points. This league I'm doing better but I would still like to get to 36 without stressing about RNG so much.

I have read the charter and would like to join if possible.


Awesome group, with some active players this late in a league. Two to three times the people online of guilds I've been in with two to three times the number of members. That's awesome!

But more importantly, the whole concept of this guild is pure gold. No guild website participation requirements, no VoIP requirement BS, no "in crowd" with guild ranks and all of that crap I'm so sick and tired of these days in other guilds. Instead these are just genuine people with a genuine interest in playing the game and helping each other out with challenges.

Before joining 820 Divinity, I was tempted to start my own guild that cut through the typical guild BS. But after searching a bit, I found this guild that already accomplished that! :-)
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Hi, I would love to join your guild, I'm a active player playing a couple of hours every day, I have read the guild charter and feel like I could contribute to this community. Thx.

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I was looking for guilds to join for 3.0 and i would hope to be able to join your guild. I have been pretty active during legacy and hope to push challenges a lot more in 3.0. I have read the charter and would love to contribute!

My IGN: AthingThatIs

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Hey, wondering if I can join for 3.0? I usually get ~26 challenges because I play alone and burn out, and I'm shooting to finally get 36 this league.

IGN: WaitingOnThreePointOh
I just read the charter.

Count me in.

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Hi i would like to join. i read the guild charter
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Actively recruiting once again, got a lot more members slots now!
Hello i would like to join.

IGN: PathOfExileMarauderOP

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