[*820*] Divinity is recruiting permanently!

hi, I would like to join:)
Hi, I would like to join the guild :) This is the first league for me but I've already set myself the goal of getting atleast 36/40 challenges.
IGN: Cecilejanssen
IGN: ftnrilrd

Charted read. Looking forward to the challenge and I hope I live up to expectations!
IGN: PsychoBladeVortex

I've read everything through and am looking forward to completing all 40 challenges this league. :)
Hi i would like to join the guild and yes i have read the charter. Always wanted to share challenges with people i frequently share trials for anyone. Free ofc

Ign: SuperBakaa
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Hi I have read the charter I would like to join the guild
ign: TinysTinest

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