[*820*] Divinity is recruiting permanently!

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Hi, my IGN is dex_HBX. I am normally a HCSSF player but currently playing SC trade as I want to explore the co-op side of the game. I have read the charter and hopefully I can join!
Greetings, My IGN is DontfailmeZizaran I am interested in joining your Guild. I am all about the challenges. I have read the charter. Cheers.
Hi i would like to join the guild and help other members but also finish my goals. My contact person is ValeriaStyx and yes i have read the charter.


Thanks in advance, see you.
Hey! I'd like to join the guild, I've read everything in the charter. I'm new to the game, I've been playing for about a week and I'm just looking for friends and help. My IGN is : bbullet. (I think lol, that's my characters name at least).
Hi i would like to join the guild and yes i have read the charter.
Hi! I'd like to join your guild because i'd like to pushg to 36 challenges for the hideout this time around. I usually go for 24 tho. I usually get to maps in 5-6 hours with a friend, so i intend to share maps and uber trials at the start and stuff. Later on anything goes. I have read the guild charter.

IGN: Flickeronipepperoni

Hit me up in dm's if i'm not online pls (if i'm accepted :D).

great builds btw
Hi, I would like to join Your Guild! I read the Guild Charter and it sounds as if Your Guild is what I've been looking for.
Account Name: MasterWello
Character Name: KingWello
Highest Level:100
Month & Year You Started Path of Exile:7/2018
Country/Time Zone: GMT+2
Average Hours Played Per Week:30-40
Player-type (League Only, Hardcore, Standard, Etc.): Standard and Leauge
Chat Activity (1-10, 10 being very active): 7
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