The Legacy Leagues Soundtrack and Super Stash Sale

Achilion wrote:

I will have this face when they stop the stash tab sale... 3 long days of no stuff for a discount... T_T
Please reply to your whispers for items... Even if you are mapping, in a rotation, in uber lab, or if its sold. Thank you. :D
i just bought a mystery box and completed the bleached demon king armor set. cool
Still want to trade premiums to quads ratio 4:1
l3al3ykill3r wrote:
Demon King Armour Pack please!!!

Sale would be great, one of the Sets I'm missing still ...

Getting a little Bit annoyed with the "Super Stash Sale" lately, seems to be every Month which makes it no more Sale but Standard & for older Players with enough (=too much) Tabs a few Days of nothing interesting to buy.
Keep calm, play PoE, drink Tea & listen to Prog! ... deutsche PoE-Community mit News, TS3, Guides & vielen netten Leuten :)
Yey, it's time to get moar guild stahs tabs :D
Grinding Gear Games rock.Path of Exile isn't dying.
The number of days per month those stash sales are happening is ridiculous. :(
Path Of Exile Community Highlights
The music is so good
But I thought it was something like new Lioneye's Watch theme
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Azorien wrote:
Still want to trade premiums to quads ratio 4:1

4 to 1 but where is the 1?
Perception is reality.
Azorien wrote:
Still want to trade premiums to quads ratio 4:1

Yes, pls. If I were starting playing now, I'd never buy those premiums, and instead went with full-on quads. :C
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