Act Six: The Brine King Fight

Inb4 the boss with onslaught and turbo will change phases at 2 sec cooldown cycle so the 'correct' way to fight will be "perform a 5-sec-kill or die."

So much new 'smart design choices' incoming.
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Looks great cant wait
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
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Please change this, it looks so out of place.

Wow looks incredible!!

can't wait!!
This looks really awesome. The visuals, mechanics, music. Can't wait.
Environment wise it looks cool, but the boss doesn't have too many mechanics that stand out, it appears to be a giant bullet sponge?

Unless we're going for the environmental boss mechanic feel? Any feedback on this guys abilities?
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When the water rised for the first time I gasp so hard....
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Let me guess archer with 16k hp almost getting 1 hit by it :P rip melee

On a good note the wave effect and water look awesome
Not bad. This would be ~level 55 fight or so?

Also whoever was playing, pretty clutch fighting.
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