Act Six: The Brine King Fight

another stylish hat.... really?
Well, same boss formula as always. Guess I should settle with the fact that it's not gonna change.

Admittedly, though, this alone looks so much better than Shaper and anything before it. The whole design and everything that evolves around it is just amazing. I'm ok with the boss formula when the presentation of the fight itself and how it goes down is such a showdown as this. I like it. Still, I'd have loved if there was more interaction between you and the boss. It's again just "kill or be killed".

For example, it would have been nice if there had been like holes that shoot water out of them and you'd have to lure him over one so that the fountain topples him over, exposing his vulnerable body that is not covered by his shell and you can attack him during that time.

Don't get me wrong, it certainly looks cool, but it's again lacking that one unique mechanic that'd set it apart from the generic formulae.

On a sidenote, does this mean the UI gets another overhaul/more polish?

Appreciate your support.
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Man I really love the music, it's so ethereal and majestic, fitting for fighting gods.
The modeling,animation, and texturing is very impressive! It seems like the different areas of the boss are more clearly just looks really good! :)
Cool water effects. Will Nessa survive, though?
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Great, now I know which boss will whoop my ass this season :^ )
So i killed Malachai the nightmare, i destroyed the Beast then a hermit crab is next-to-kill :)
Not bad. This would be ~level 55 fight or so?

Also whoever was playing, pretty clutch fighting.

The character was 48 with roughly 1,200 life, slightly underleveled for the area (which is not something final, nor is the boss balance). This is probably one of the weakest character currently used to take a look at the new content.
From my perspective I was playing badly because I wasn't using my regular keybindings, and playing "well" isn't also the best way to showcase a new boss fight.

But what happens if a tp is open and later the water got it? Can the guy come back?
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