Act Six: The Brine King Fight

That wall of water looks amazing! Surf's up, dude!
super cool fx. I'm hard.

But please dont spoil anymore boss fights, i cant halp myself ;_;
The Hyperbomber for 2.6:
bet the char has 20k life so we don't see the one shot fest...

graphice were not too bad tho, especially for 1956 engine.
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Melee friendly or unfriendly, I still be able to wipe the floor with the boss as BV "melee" in about 5-10 seconds even while leveling. No need of those fancy effects.
If they put it as a map boss encounter, you can be pretty sure that meta builds will kill it faster.
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Ty for scam <3
Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!!!
Lets kill some scampi!

The water effects look great. With my upcoming new laptop I will watch this fight in all its glory.
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The effects are amazing, it all looks beautiful.


What we REALLY need now is a permanently-displayed boss lifebar during the fight, just like in Diablo2 or Diablo3 !

Wiesl_1404 wrote:


First thing i thought of while watching the fight. This fight will be so much harder for melee charcters than ranged due to its mechanics.

Before i give feedback regarding the fight i just wanted to say that it looks awsome! The setting, the water physics, the music - everything feels epic. GGG did a great job.

Now to the mechanics of the fight itself:

(Wont quote the full thing, save us a wall of text, original comment pg 16 of this forum post)

Just looking through the points you made, quite a fair overview of the fight mechanics. My point is not that Melee will have it easy in this fight. The point I'm making is that for the last 30% of this fight the advantages of ranged are removed. And that removing the mobility advantaged of ranged you actually make it more difficult for ranged than melee since ranged characters most likely lack the defences to deal with the up-close fighting style.

Bear this guy did this fight with no defensive mechanics apart from flasks. If you do this fight with 6 Endurance charges, fortify, decoy totems and CoDT Immortal call it could actually be easy. Most of these are more consistent with melee than with ranged but as you mentioned Good luck to EV melee.

I expect that all bosses in Fall of Oriath don't be apellative as Malachai is actually.

The major problem with PoE is that ANY MONSTER can kill you with a single strike in maps or endgame. This is the greatest problem of PoE, at least in my view.

And the bosses have their stats overpowered just to give the impression that they are bosses.

If GGG don't make "new boss fights" like the Malachai fights will be a great advance. Bosses don't need to be apellative. They need to be clever or at least have an AI similar to "human players".

In this particular fight we see a repetitive mechanic of fight. And I ask you ... Where is the intelligence of bosses?
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the death at the end should suggest us that life and evasion builds will still suck and we should continue with es based builds XD

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