Developer Interview - Rachel - Customer Support

Le Toucan blessed me with 5 ex drops this league, pls revive him I need that cash
Thank you, Rachel & co.
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This is nice and everything, but feels a bit like a filler post, while they keep on delaying and delaying and delaying details of 3.0 Open Beta...

Dont get me wrong, I love GGG and glad to hear a bit about all facets of the org, but yea... seriously. Give us deets!
nice read, thanks for the insights.

was never disappointed in the 5 years playing poe and my countless requests towards ggg support or devs. you do an amazing job considering how few poeple you are compared to the number of poe players. thanks alot for this and all the best for your future work, please keep it up in this quality


regarding the topic you spared out of the interview: i imagine your job being so much easier and relaxed if you were eventually able to decide what's considered "harmful behaviour" in poe which can warrant a ban.

considering the fact it's only your supporters who are harmed by a account ban because the only precious thing about an accont is it's attached mtx, some clarification really is overdue.

currently, to many it seems the current state of poe law is more or less defined by some reddit redneck crowd, calling "hang'em higher" which chris follows.
One thing I always wondered is if GGG really earn some money, since they have so much people to pay in the staff and their income is just from cosmetic items (maybe a naive doubt).
MrZorx wrote:
Anything you want to tell to all PoE players?

- Le Toucan is dead

TFW Muted for 6 months for constantly spamming Le Toucan among other shenanigans.


TFW I almost got permabanned for shenanigans...

Although my shananigans are around Sarah's shifts.
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more bullshit news, give beta goddamn it! or atleast some nude pics to make this interesting....
At first it sounds like an April Fools joke, even if it's half way through the month...
Chris wrote:
I'm playing World of Warcraft...I installed Overwatch so I'm really enjoying that...

Okay so, first thing I do when I arrive at work is go to the kitchen and get a coffee. After that the day kind of blurs together in a flurry of questions, emails, meetings, and screen glare. During the morning shift we have the blinds closed and the lights turned off in the Support office, effectively making our workspace a cave. It takes us a minimum of four hours to decide what to do for lunch every single day, usually because someone will ask and then everyone gets distracted by what they're doing until one of us remembers we're hungry.

Then after reading a little more, I saw a bit of real humanity within the office. Love the reference to herding devs to sign maps, lol.
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Rachel has changed my vulgar character names on my request like 10 times.
Look, im sorry but i don't think anyone really cares about who the support guys are, They should be in the background, silently, fixing shit. You know?

Im sure Rachel is a great gal though. You might as well do one with the cleaning lady, too.
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