Developer Interview - Rachel - Customer Support

Thanks for Interview!
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I have to admit, I've contacted support maybe 2-3 times, and every time I'm always wholly impressed. Great job guys and thanks!
Ah, this is why I love Rachel. I've always wondered what she looks like/how old she is.

imho stalking was what drove bex away, good luck with rachel ;)
What about a self of all the GGG staff with names in order!
Rachel is by far the most unhelpful and quite repulsive moderator to deal with in my personal experience. Also heard that from other players.
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On global chat you can spam and praise Hitler all you want, but once you type an n-word and you get 24 hours mute. I guess U.S. feels are more important than German or Austrian laws.
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Ty for scam <3
Fast answer. Fast help. Thnx for help Rachel and all guys there. (sry for bad lang, hope u understand properly)
t's difficult to put an exact number on the amount of tickets we receive

An Email counter is a difficult issue. I mean you get many emails and you sort them random and there is no way..

i had many contacts with GGG "support" and its crap. you have to be lucky to get a competent person. Or all you get is answers where they ignore anything you write, but are in the guideline they have. like a fucking computer answer.

I don't want to generalize, I'm sure you have great humans there, but most of the time, its not a support its nothing more like a bad wiki. Spend more time to train your guys and girls and don't cry about that you are just humans.
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I never think negatively of having to ask support for help or information, they're always so quick and polite, truly the best support I've ever seen, seriously.
I'll be sure to include gifs in the future, though!
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Baelturath wrote:
One thing I always wondered was whether to reply to the last support response with a "Thank you" mail. I know some support systems where each new email automatically reopens the ticket or bumps it back into the "to-do" queue, and I'm a bit afraid that if I respond again then I fuck up some supporter's ticket queue.

Could you maybe share some info in that regard?

While I don't personally work in support, I do work with the support people in my company (you could say I support support :-)). In my experience, a sincere "thank you" or even just acknowledgment that your issue has been resolved is always appreciated. If necessary, re-closing the ticket takes just a few seconds. The feeling of a job well done can stay for hours or even days.

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