[3.0 SC/HC] Aixx's indepth HoWA ST Raider Guide ♣ [ Shaper | Guardians | U. Atziri ]

When I was reading through this build I thought to myself, "I bet this would be really cool as a slayer. Then your ES wouldn't degen because slayer leech never ends right?".

Well I did some research https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHouOs5vq4U&t=238s (skip to about halfway through). It looks to me like whenever he gets to full ES his leech effect ends. I theorize this is because endless hunger reads "Life Leech effects are not removed at Full Life". This does not mention getting to full ES so when that happens the leech effects are removed as normal.
This makes going slayer pointless for fairly obvious reasons. This might be something to include in your FAQ section if you ever make one.
toasterbrains wrote:
the above information is incorrect.

most bosses have a less curse effectiveness modifier of 60%.
44% * (1 - 0.6) = 44% * 0.4 = 17.6% lightning penetration from conductivity
(which is still entirely respectable)

guardians and shaper on the other hand have an 80% less multiplier.
44% * (1 - 0.8) = 44% * 0.2 = 8.8% lightning penetration from conductivity
diminishing returns are a bitch.

with level 12 elemental weakness from gloves:
pen against normal boss: 31% * .4 = 12.4%
pen against guardian/shaper: 31% * .2 = 6.2%

Hey toasterbrains, thanks for your explanation.

Of course Conductivity wont reduce the resists, against bosses, by 44%. I (and most other people) just write it like that for better understanding.

Hey :) Nice to know that but this is a Raider build for obvious reasons ;)
Hi, can you explain your cwdt ic set up please? Why do we not keep it at level 1?

And what is the most effective way to utilise orb of Storms in fights?

also, why do you recommend running soul tether if you run energy shield, you start with pretty much no defense. Also why not chaos inoculation?
hello, in your "2.6 HoWA CI ST Raider - T11 Strand Map - 2.0" video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLzgB-JICRI&feature=youtu.be) your ES dont start at 0, your are not using soul tether belt then ?
Which belt are you using then ??

Updated gear. Post no longer valid.
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i wonder,if new VP will work with GR as it no longer insta leach,but double it.
if so,howa will be imba again lol

welp,it does,hello howa/slayer meta.
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Nibelton wrote:
i wonder,if new VP will work with GR as it no longer insta leach,but double it.
if so,howa will be imba again lol

welp,it does,hello howa/slayer meta.

What GR is?
IGN: Javana
Any thoughts about 3.1? Wanna start this build, but cant deside CI/LL/Hybrid. And what's new Vaal Pact?
IGN: Javana
GR - Ghost Reaver
was essential for initial howa build. with new VP - CI as in the old days + new gems add ES and add shit tons of DMG. 10K ES +4-5K ES leach ez.
new shaper mods + 12% int will be hard to get on good ES items,but if you do 1500+ int and you can imagine the dmg and amount of ES you will be getting.
also Damage on full life.
this league 150% buff for howa.
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