[2.6] "Shuriken Hurricane" Hybrid Ethereal Knives Nova Trickster

Update for 3.0 please! This build looks fun.
Update for 3.0 please
Currently leveling with this in 3.0. At 52 atm. Question though, what levels does this build use for CWDT + Immortal Call + Fire Golem + Enfeeble? If CWDT is level 1 (like most builds that run it), I can't imagine the rest of the gems are very useful at such low levels.
I hit 62, high enough to equip the last of the gear I had gathered. Also finally got Vaal Pact and Ghost Reaver together. For some reason I die far, far more than I did before I had Ghost Reaver... 1903 HP 2503 ES, Vaal Pact is supposed to make leech instant, right? It doesn't do that for the ES though. I will take damage to drop my shield to, say, half, then mow down a group of mobs, and the ES bar creeps up like it's regenerating rather than instantly. Going to drop Ghost Reaver for now and see how well I can do when I hit maps.

Up until this point I've been running around with almost zero res gear. All my resistances have been in the negatives, and I've been able to survive up until this point. I've taken down every god and every boss with far less deaths than any of my other characters, because this one has crazy movement speed. Now I'm almost completely res capped, even my chaos res is in the positives, (I'm like 71/75/74 or something as of this writing), and with VP/GR combo I swear I get two shot by everything. Yugul killed me 7 freaking times before I finally took him down, and the whole fight took me almost 10 minutes!
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Since 3.0 VP specifically only works with life. VP+Ghost Reaver do not work together anymore unfortunately.
So what changes can we apply to the build?
How do you get the Shurikens. I fire only daggers / knives. I have the 360 spread down, but I'm not seeing the conversion to shurikens.
shurikens is an MTX for EK
Completed 5 Challengesdeselect wrote:
shurikens is an MTX for EK

What does the MTX stand for?
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3.2 did a number on the Trickster ascendancy, this could really use an update.

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