[2.6] "Shuriken Hurricane" Hybrid Ethereal Knives Nova Trickster

Ullion wrote:
Probably a silly question but when you're doing map bosses, where do you get your life leech from to negate the blood magic on EK?

Potions :P.
ZeyonMairo wrote:
Hey there,

I'm kind of confused about 'Elemental Overload'.

We pretty much have no chance to crit due to 'Controlled Explosion'. Why do you put a point in there?

Even though your crit chance is very small, you are throwing out so many projectiles so quickly, you actually gain its benefit more than you would think.
MightyMush wrote:
Hey there, just hit 71 with my own version of this build in Hardcore and its a blast! Kind of a butt clencher, but really fun to play. I've got some questions though:

Why not run Projectile Weakness + Blasphemy and Herald of Fire instead of a Herald + Hatred or Haste? The damage boost from PW is crazy, and with the knockback you can respend those points in the tree on something else.

Also, what about The Consuming Dark dagger instead of Innsbury? The damage boost and poison might outweigh the .2% chaos leech. Any thoughts?

You could run the blasphemy aura but the problem simply is just range of application. I found that often enemies died before they even came under effect from the aura.

I also tried it with consuming dark and it probably does more damage but the conversion to chaos from physical is quite nice for this build when dealing with physical reflect. Innsbury also has sick attack speed so you will move much faster when using it. Truthfully if you want the best of both, just get a super high spell damage rare dagger with attack speed for the most damage and movement.
can u show me your ascendency class build and your flasks. Tks u
nater9999 wrote:
Ullion wrote:
Probably a silly question but when you're doing map bosses, where do you get your life leech from to negate the blood magic on EK?

Potions :P.

Fair enough, I assumed that was the answer. I just wasn't too sure since I haven't made it that far into mapping yet with this character. :) Thanks for responding! I've been doing your build and decided to use a Gull mask instead of a rare helm - I can't help but love the shrine effects for map clearing :D
how do you get the knives to look like shurikens ?
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hi, i am new and i don't know much about this game and i was wandering what gear i should use when i am lvl up before i get all of this stuff
Whats gona happen to this build on he new 3.0 ignite changes ?
Could you please post a step-by-step leveling guide? I understand all the stuff when you get to the end, but leveling is becoming a challenge and I would be happy if you could update with some leveling tips, as a lot of builds do that. As wisdom says, the road can be more important than the destination.
Hey there loving your build right now its low but i am having a blast with it I was just wondering could u pls tell me which points to take in my ascendancy ?

Thank you.

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