Atlas of Worlds Supporter Packs End Soon!

LUL at people believing beta would come out in april.

Who's hyped for August/September launch for 3.0.0?
Sorry about that dude, didnt see the post entirely cos im just looking at the pics :P

anyhow thank you for telling me that
Thank god I already bought 2 of each set :D Can't wait for the Fall of Oriath Supporter Packs!!!
Can't wait for the FoO packs! Love my Cloth Maps of the Atlas!
what is atlas of worlds?
Weeks left to decide :(

I can only afford one pack, should I get the Chimera pack now or would the FoO packs be more attractive in terms of in game stuff? I guess we wouldn't know ...
Will we be able to transfer our characters from beta to standard/leagues after beta testing ends?
ok good, this means i can get it this easter, was worried i wasnt gonna be able to get it. :)
Please reply to your whispers for items... Even if you are mapping, in a rotation, in uber lab, or if its sold. Thank you. :D
Eh, tbh I didn't really care for thou's supporter packs.
While some of the armor sets were nice, it was very hit or miss for me. And I didn't want to have to buy the crappy supporter packs/sets just in order to get to the ones I actually thought were decent.

You were simply asking too much. If it were more of a pick your poison deal, with each pack being the same price with additional goodies if you bought more then one, then I could have seen myself buying one or two.

But the way you went about it caused me to buy none.
I'm just not going to buy things I don't want just to get to the things that I do want.

It's one thing when the entree level pack and the top for a league is $30-60, it's quite a bloody another when the difference is $50-440.
Break down your packs into more manageable chunks.
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just wait for Fall o.o tbh

^^lol once upon time packs were more than just 440 for the top one ;)

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