Making Trailers for Path of Exile

Interesting post but seriously, COMIC SANS, isn't it forbiden to use professionaly ? :D

Nice to see how magic is done ! Thanks :)
wow. now i really want that camera tool.
for the time beeing, i will have to do with this and some very time consuming editing in Adobe Afer effect to get any kind of Camera rotation.
stop playing shit builds in ur trailers
End it 👌
Too bad you took the worst trailer you made as an example.
she definitely still got hit by that XD
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Awesome work bro!
The only thing missing is a 1/4 million dollars in Blizzard CG cinematic in between all those game play sequences.
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Really enjoyed this. Thanks for sharing!
I love making screenshots so +1 for camera tools!
Hail build Diversity,
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