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Xanderyum wrote:
How does GGG go from claiming the levels are meant to be viewed from only one angle, to showing us that you can manipulate the camera angle in all kinds of different directions? Why can't we have control over our angle of view?


Although the camera angle can be manipulated, you'll see they use very directed shots. And when the player is in a direction that isn't the standard direction, the shot is usually facing directly down or towards a wall. The assets are still best viewed in one direction, the camera work just makes it seem like any angle is possible.

Also, I can't see any of the images :(
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I wish I had access to this kind of stuff just to make cool Path of Exile screenshots.
Remember when I won a screenshot contest and made everyone butt-hurt? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
Pyromancer4 wrote:
Trailer quality has been increasing lately, thanks for your wonderful work! Looks like the funniest job in the world!

In the past we've had minor conflicts over who "starts first"; I usually want to build my trailer around the music, and he understandably wants to build his music around a trailer!

I'm interested, how did you resolve that conflict? Both approaches seems they could work. In your experience, did one way or the other ended up being more efficient, or did something else happen?

Thanks for the kind words! Usually it comes down to whoever has the time to start working on the trailer. We often do a sort of hybrid, where I'll show him a rough draft, then he'll make a sample of the soundtrack, and we meet in the middle somewhere.

eemmbbeerr wrote:
I absolutely love these views into actual development. Sometimes I imagine professional game studios mucking and fooling around less than the for-fun-game-jamming I sometimes do but I am pleasantly disappointed every time!

A question for you:
Do you ever test builds with the developer version of the game?
Seems like the perfect place to test the memest meme interactions that will eventually become a Wormblaster or Bootleg Firecracker.

Glad you enjoyed it. Personally I've experimented a lot with builds here, usually with the intention of finding something that looks cool on camera. Even with cheats, you still have to know a lot about the game to find interesting interactions. I'll sometimes browse our build forums for inspiration.

Contact us at if you need any help!
Really great write-up!

I have a question regarding specific shots you have to line up. Isn't there a way you could have a local client where you record the action and then replay from any angle you want? Similar to the spectator/record mode in counterstrike that lets you freely rotate around?
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Ty for scam <3
that Voll smash animation is pretty cool, never seen it looped/from that angle before.
Personally I find PoE trailers rather boring. The style is always the same. Gets repetitive quite fast. As someone in the reddit thread has pointed out, the trailers do indeed look like they were made for some sort of film-school project. Solid but unpolished.
Comic sans ?!
Path Of Dressing Exiles :)
When are we getting this on smartphone !

Huuuuuge work here, appreciate the details
And lol to see the "who start first" fight is in every office ;)

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