[3.0] IMMORTAL Berserk, Mjolner Discharge, 4 links, Shaper/Uber Atziri/Ulab

Any pob link?
Was using Saffell's Frame but found a shield with a lot of spell damage. It is worth switching over?
Fat build. Works really well ty !
Are there any obvious improvements I can make to mine?
What pantheon is best for this build?
Hi i just want to say thank you creating this build! :)

Play it since Legacy League and now in Standart, it's so cool can't stop to play it.

Besides it's the first build i managed to kill UAtz...

Again thank you again and Mjölner rulz! ;)
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I got a hold of this shield going to test it out any opinions?
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Please explain how you generate more than 1 endurance and 1 power charge against bosses without Inya's?

1. hit + romiras = 1 power
2. Discharge with volls = 1 endurance charge

repeat.. or am i wrong?
Love the idea of this build and wanna try it!

Will it be still good in 3.1 after VAAL pact nerf that I am hearing about but not sure I understand what it is about?

How good is this build in Uber Lab against full buff izaro and traps?
I imagine kingsguard & mjolner will be good in 3.1 with vaal pact changes.

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