Minion Balance Changes and Super Stash Sale

I bought my stash tabs in the middle of 2 sales T.T
Why did you take the lightning armour pack special off early?
Bluntexile wrote:
i think you should nerf minions.

and also melee, way too powerfull, people running around with 6k+ life and all, that's gamebreaking!

plz buff ES tho, we gettin one shot everywhere with our pathetic 15-20k ES !


meanwhile balance team working around the clock..


hahaha cuz summon skeleton SRS ans some shit summon skill can kill shaper easily
ya right! they should be nerf more xD
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we need a Leaguestone Stash :)
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I posted on wrong topic ->
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do we rly need so many stashes? better give us some rly good sale bundle of armour and hideout microT
Still no option to upgrade regular premium tabs to quad tabs. :(
Not this crap again...

If we're going to have these stash sales twice a month, could their "weekends" be reduced from 4 days to 2 days? I'm not happy to see them. The frequency of these sales is... excessive. :/
Was gonna do a skele build for shits and gigs at some point, guess I've got a reason to now. Sweet
Kiwi fruit, that is all

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