Minion Balance Changes and Super Stash Sale

Well servers laggin before and today
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GGG will reduce number of zombies from skill tree or reduce number of them by default?
I believe Summon Raging Spirit dps calculation formula has an error. If you try changing increased %damage (L4) nothing changes. It took me a couple days to finally have time to look over the formula.

The error is that in column H and I there is a missing set of brackets for each cell. The result is that the increased damage % is only applied to added min phys and added max phys but not the base phys damage of SRS.

Take the level 21 SRS gem row that I'm looking at, Cell H34 should read as follows:

The same error is present in the "modified max phys" coloumn (Column I)
I have yet to look at added ele damage calculation, will post about it if I see more problem

It'd be nice if someone can correct this. Also a little surprised that no one pointed this out yet...

EDIT: On a closer look, I don't understand why the 70% (or -30%) damage efficiency is applied twice. Once on the base value of added phys damage ($D$8*(1+($S$4))

and once in the calculation for increased damage modifier (1+$L$3+($L$4*(1+$S$4)))? Not only does added phys base damage get 70%, but the increased phys% also get 70% efficiency?
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It'll be very nice if someone (ideally a person with some credibility) can answer my question in the comments directly above this one.
Posted it for 5 days it seems like no one has read them.

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