Minion Balance Changes and Super Stash Sale

Chris these are great changes. I play Summon Necro in D2 anytime I play it. Nothing better than a summoner teleslam. My only problem with this, is that I hope these changes are still in a "beta" stage.

I really just want my summons to aggro onto stuff like Golems do without the use of Convocation, which in my opinion, shouldn't even have a cooldown with Zombies in their current state. (Ever played Summon Necro? Skellys aggro before you can even see mobs).

When I'm doing a map and QSF'ing through it and get to a pack, half my zombies fight and the other half bait the frontline for 5 seconds. Why not just give them the same AI as we did with Golems?

Thanks for the changes.
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Good job GGG! Keep doing best work!
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I understand there may be some emotions behind this statement but the reason I played a summoner for once was the ability to have an army of skeletons the reduction in the number of skeletons does not feel correct for the reason of uniqueness it gave compared to zombies or specters was that you could have many of them active at once acting as a wall or an offensive army that clambered to its enemies in multiple directions. With that change, I feel that the uniqueness of skeletons would be partially lost.
Skeletons are now SLOW raging spirits.

Way to go reading the lay of the land, balance team.

Only thing they're good for now is Beacon of Corruption.

What happened to the 4-year-running request to have persistent spectres? or have spectre type lock on to the gem instead of having to hunt every possible tileset for the right ones? Do you guys realize that some spectres in a six link have to have a couple of off colors? Do you realize how expensive it gets to recolor your chest so you can run optimally with flame sentinels until you can find your whateveritis, and then recolor again?

Do you care?

Edit to add : Saying "we hope to see changes" as regards qol for spectromancers isn't enough. We need, for this since-1.0-issue,to see something like "we're on this and are going to make improvements" because I learned as a child, "hope in one hand and s*** in the other, and see which hand fills up first."

Quoting Saltychipmunk:
...I look at the new act 5 boss where you have to hide behind the statues to survive the bullet hell and all I can think is... how the fuck are zombies going to survive that?

They don't know what hiding is... they don't know what dodging is... they are morons.
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how about making it easier for newbs to professionally trade?

if somebody already bought additional stash tabs (or special tabs), the first upgrade to make one premium could be much cheaper.
What about Animated Weapons minions (the weapons) gem ?

Will these also receive any alterations like increased damage or last longer ?

It would be very nice.

Animated Weapons is a very hard build to have because minions disappear too fast and it's impossible to have them active in long fights...

I hope they have some attention too :)
Dont like the new changes...

- Skeletons are still slow as shit when it comes to their movement speed.

- Skeleton Mage projectile speed is super slow, resulting in large chance to miss moving targets.

- Zombies dont need changes, as they are defensive-base and not offensive.

- Raging Spirits are incredibly weak due to it's minion limit, and their damage is still not on par with current change.
Yay, right in time for April. The first of April, in fact.
All i have to say is sever lag sever lag sever laaaaaaaagggggggg

going piss off alot players who might quit playing poe cause of this change do not bring back the LLLLAAAAAGGGG PLease !!!!!!!!!

Was this the April Fool's joke for this year? As much as I'd love to believe that the damage values for minions are finally public knowledge and that spectres will persist through logout, I can't help but notice the timing of the post and the years-long life of these requests.
Well played, GGG.

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