Stormcaller Mystery Box Microtransactions Now in Store!

Favourites: Stormcaller Character Effect and Arcane Tome Totem. DAAAMN!

Good job guys. :)
Wraeclastian wrote:
JLawL wrote:
Stop making wings and make shields GGG. Stormcaller armour set is useless when there isn't a single shield in the game that goes with it.

Use Tempest Shield to complete the look.

This wastes a gem slot and the lightning colours aren't even remotely similar. And there are no tempest shield mtx either.
Raycheetah wrote:
cipher_nemo wrote:
Crap. You're going to be getting my money for the Arcane Totem and Arcane Character Effect, lol. But not with mystery boxes, will wait until I can purchase them directly.

The point, you have missed it.

They are available as direct purchases from the shop, now. ='[.]'=

Ah, thanks, lol... I saw the thread title with "Mystery Box" and jumped the gun on that one.
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pena que pra BR é tudo caro :(, coloca R$100 e mal compra 1 efeito, ai num da
add me i need friends
where can i buy them ? i dont see them in the shop :o
Feel the power of the Storm!

So many microtransactions, when I started with POE in 2013 there where only a few of them and now they seem to explode :-)
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chanlumpoo2 wrote:
Oh! Totem It's great.

It is... but totem-skin versions of the Arcane Flame and Lightning Coil would be even better. And yes, there really need to be shield FXs to go with some of these sets.
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5x Arcane Body
2x Arcane Mark of the Phoenix
7x Arcane Halo
5x Red Crystal
5x Green Crystal
1x Blue Crystal
2x Bleached Demon King Boots
1x Bleached Demon King Horns
1x Bleached Skull Helmet
1x Bleached Demon King Gloves
1x Bleached Demon King Helmet
4x Blood Rain
3x Purple Necrotic Helmet
buyed for 140$ and got only bullshit

I wanted only the fucking Necrotic Body, fucking swindler bastards!

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