Creating Sound Effects for Path of Exile

So, did you use a similar process for those wet sound effects for the butthole doors?

i just miss the disclaimer: "no goats were harmed while making this product"!
I love that thunder sound you made.

Please make sure (the hopefully upcoming) whip weapons sound just as impactful! :D
Perception is reality.
so cool!
Go ahead, make my day
Looks awesome in the pro tools session.

I have a quick question what plugin is that behind the EQ7? I'm looking to get some new plugins for a a gaming project I'm going to start and looking to check out some new ones.


I was hoping this was a thread to an update where we can allocate our own loot drop sound effects like you could alter the drop sounds for each item individually like you can alter the appearance.

Sad to say that this thread was not that and I am very disappointed. Custom sound loot filters is something we all need, we just don't think we do.
He's goat to feel very proud of his work on the game.
Sounds are very essential for any game/movie or interactive media. Therefore i think/strongly feel (here comes all the hate mail) that some of the sounds would need to be re-done.

Some weapon/armour hit effects are just outright silly.
Some arour hit sounds are definately a recording of an empty iron bucket being whacked with a stick. I have no problem with that, except that if said bucket would have been filled with cloth or dirt, the sound would not be so hollow sounding. It's like I get hit and the sound tells me that there is nobody in that suit of armour.

Some 2h axes also have odd sounds to them. Uul Netol's Embrace sounds like a wooden tool handle was used to whack other wooden tool handles. Doesn't really translate that ornamental axe head. C'mon folks! It doesn't take much to grab a fire axe and slice open a tin can with to make a more believable sound! That would definately give the impression of you cutting into the enemy!

These are just 2 examples that often bug me, but there are many more. I'm not trying to belittle his great work of editing sounds, because he has done a superb job editing the stock sounds from whatever sound effect pool he has. I'm just trying to be helpful and pointing out, immersiveness breaking tiny things that could be improved upon.
I haven't even read this and it's my fave post in recent memory.
Jul 27, 2011 - Sept 30, 2018.

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