Creating Sound Effects for Path of Exile

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You guys are pretty good, Andrew. :o
Hey, that's pretty good!
Creating sound effects is something I have thought about getting into. I have been playing a lot with both software and hardware synthesizers, and it is quite interesting some of the stuff you can make with them that are not musical at all! I have accidentally made a few little sound effects here and there I saved in case I ever need them. This is a great post and great insight for someone like me to read about. I would love to see more about the sound engineering used in my favorite game!
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Never really gave sounds and sound effects (and how much work they require) any thought.

There's something I have been wondering for a while. The sound of a dying human enemy (like the ones around the beach area in Act 1) is the exact same as that of Rogues in Act 1 of Diablo 2. Is that sound effect in the public domain somewhere?

EDIT: Here's his response on Reddit.
Nope! As soon as I saw the art come through the pipe, I knew that I'd have to invoke some nostalgia.
I attempted to create a similar sound from scratch. Happy to hear that it's doing the job!
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I'm creating a game myself, it's great to have an understanding of the inner workings of an established company. Thanks for the dev blogs
boooring... :P
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I'm wondering if you used your own sound engine before the sound system switch you did (i don't remember when).
I don't know if it's new but their (FMOD) indie free license is quite nice. Even if i've the feeling if you feel the need of this engine, you're probably with a development budget above 500k$ but i may be wrong.

Interesting article, thanks o/.
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