Creating Sound Effects for Path of Exile

Hmm...looks like ES gets new orb effect in 3.0, looks more like glass or crystal. I wonder if GGG will implement breaking effect for orbs, be it ES or life, which I suggested...
Geeee, I need that UI ASAP
Flask sound effects yet?
--------------- THE MOOCH --------------
Interesting stuff
Harvest is the BEST league EVER. Deterministic crafting ftw.
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This was really cool, without great sound I don't feel PoE would be as impactful.

Appreciate all the hard work Andrew, sorry I don't have a facebook account. But here's hoping the rest of the PoE community can get behind it. I wish you guys all the best!
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Can you make a music out of it ? Or a mix ? COuld be funny to hear
Thank you for the post! Love seeing the design that goes into the game. Sounds effects, ambience, and music really make a huge impact on the atmosphere!!

So much work goes into making a goat sound like a goat!!

Please show us more of these cool posts showing the process of making assets!
andrew you do great work but please change the flame burst/wild strike fire explosion sound effect it's... not good.

the pyre/gratuitous violence/etc explosion is one of my favorite sfx in any game btw thanks for that it's like asmr to my weird brain
Just started playing this game a few days ago and gotta say im hooked.You guys did an amazing job.
Awesome, thanks for taking the time to share this! :-)

Love to see some good audio tools being utilized. Some of that is beyond my creative abilities. Thanks, GGG!
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