The Fall of Oriath: Monster Preview

"deadly" is this a joke? cause "deadly" is a joke. nothing in the game is deadly and i hope this will change. the game is currently a snoozing farming simulator until u reach very very end game. so the first 99% of the game is pretty much not worthy to play. i remember the old days when u have to be careful from the first point u reached merciless and maps were all deadly all the time. right now its a joke. i hope it will change so the game is actually worth to play and a challenge finally.
you guys are really pushing the nazi-like nature of the government of oriath through the visuals... I love it

"You can't sit with us!"
Third Reich is back :D

Anyways awesome looking monsters! Can't wait to slay them :>
these guys are straight up nazis even one of their emblems has the eagle and everything, very cool looking enemies that i definatly wont feel bad for killing lol
To the people complaining about the Nazi and Catholic similarities.

They appear to just be the big bad for Act V (of X). The likelihood is that
1) the character regrets overthrowing the evil "Nazi" regime because what came after is worse
2) if they come back at the end (Act IX and X) it because of some even bigger badder thing (that has nothing to do with Nazi's or Catholicism) is manipulating them into doing so

So it is almost certainly not going to just be a repeat of history.

So just let the stereo-types tell you want they should. These things bother me. I should get rid of them.

If anything all the images of Act V make me think: There's a whole country of people like Piety? I should destroy them all.
NOICE! GGG, you are exactly what all other FTP models should follow. The content you guys keep adding to a FTP game is amazing. Keep up the great work!
b44dss wrote:
"deadly" is this a joke? cause "deadly" is a joke. nothing in the game is deadly and i hope this will change

...said the person who never finished merciless Malachai in hardcore and never killed the EoS, and pretty much hasn't been around much between the end of 2015 and now (probably no Shaper kill, not much idea of the overall mob boost and easier 1 and 2 shots now), let alone even plays much in temporary leagues. If you're going to spew your 1337ness all over the forums, you better back it up with something.
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Well, I'm another voice not in favor of the nazi themes. I'm German, and I'm somewhat used to be the the evil one - at the slightest political disagreement, we're nazis - ask the Greek, the Turkish, the Polish, all love to use those symbols - and all use them without recognizing how different today's Germans are. If you look closely, you'll find horror in about every nation. many weren't as strict or determined as nazi Germany, lots were just lucky they had their worst phase before the invention of photography, investigative journalism and long distance real time communication. Yet you'll find few who actually have worked up as much as we have - you'd better wear chain mail if you're going to ask Turks about Armenia. I don't say we're through with working it up (likely we'll never be), but I think other nations should learn from our (self-)resocialization and look at their own history of oppressive regimes, slavery, bloody conquest ... instead of throwing red/white arm bandages in our face.

The other thing I don't like about is that these creatures REALLY look good - I can only hope you'll never make Micro-Transactions out of these. Can't stand the thought of some thoughtless people running around proudly wearing something recognizeably inspired by those symbols of one of history's darker pages.

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