[3.0, HC] Asta's Tanky 1H RT Raider [80-110k DPS /w Sunder, 24k+ Arm, 7k+ HP][Vids]

What do you recommend on 'Deal with the bandits'?
Oak 1% life regeneration/second, 2% physical damage reduction, 20% increased physical damage or
Eramir: 2 passive points?
Just go with Oak, since its just a nais amount of stats youll get.
Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

what pantheons do you prefer?
Bosses are killed too slow with this build, also u can be killed with some bosses, i have 90 lvl , 6k hp 50 k dps fully baffed , currently using this items:

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Hey man,

doing this build myself at the minute, except in non-ssf. Just wondering what you think the OPTIMAL dream set of gear would be since it's really easy to get the SSF stuff you listed when you can trade.

Would love to hear your views on it so I know what to aim for.
I'm playing this in HC SSF right now and it's a blast, but I found a much better sword than my current axe, what should replace multistrike in my 5L with bladeflurry?
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Today was a lucky day no more sword, 3 fuse 6L and then 1 alched this axe

I tried this build in Abyss HC and got to 90, would've gone further if I didn't act so stupid in a map hehe. Currently trying it again in Beastiary HC and man, this is by far the best build ive ever played. It feels like im unstoppable. Thanks for sharing.
This is my wife's favorite build, please help her upgrade it for 3,3.
Even a Non-SSF build what most OPTIMAL gear would be? =)

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