[3.0, HC] Asta's Tanky 1H RT Raider [80-110k DPS /w Sunder, 24k+ Arm, 7k+ HP][Vids]

Hey y'all!
This is the core of my current SSF build, which is a 1H + Shield Ranger build around the Raider ascendancy class. A problem i found a lot of times in the more defense oriented classes (Champion, Gladi, Jugger) is that they dont offer you a better 1-shot pool. The Ranger start section and the routing to RT offers you really a good bunch of Life nodes, so you can actually balance your life pool/defences and DPS via Raider pretty good.

- solid 80-110k+ DPS
- 7.4k+ HP with 22k+ Armor, 79 78 78 Resses + Forty
- Fluid gameplay through high uptime of Onslaught
- medium hard to gear, except the specializiation in a Weapon (only hard in SSF)
- the core passive tree is not specialized in a weapon type. You can choose: Mace, Sword, Axe
- 50% reduced DMG from Critical Strikes

- Melee
- Life based (Low 1-shot pool, at least lower than CI ;))
- Requires a solid pDPS Weapon

1.1 Passive Tree (Bandits: Oak)
Core passive, not specialized in a Weapon

Please note: If you dont have access to a Soul Taker, you need to use enlighten and the reduced mana reservation nodes in the very south of Duelist tree.

Raider tree (Order):
Way of the Poacher
Avatar of the Slaughter
Rapid Assault
Avatar of the Chase

My personal Leveling "Milestones":

35 - Capped Res, go for Cruel (1.5k HP)
53-55 - Capped Res, go for Lab in Norm and Cruel(2.75k HP), go for Merci
63 - Finish Merci Act3, capped Res at the end of Act 2 Merci
65-75 - Dried Lake
75-80 - Merciless Lab (Dont go with under 4.5k HP)
75-85 - Tier 1-5 (white map tier)
85-92 - Tier 6-10 (yellow tier), with at least 6k HP go for ULab
92+ - Tier 11+, Try to have more then 6.5k HP if you enter Red tier maps
~95-97 fully shaped Atlas (in a way you think you can grind to 100), around 7k+ HP

My current Passive Tree, specialized in Axes

1.2 Gems 'n Links






// 6L:


1.2.1 Most important swaps
- General Cleaning
You can actually remove Conc Eff and put Inc AoE in and swap it for Rares/Bosses. I personal found the AoE with Conc Eff and Multistrike good enough.

- Reflect:
Ele: Added Fire for Life gain on Hit
Phys: Phys2Light for Conc Eff, Added Fire for Life Gain on Hit. On not so rippy maps you can swap Forty for WED. Depnding on the map affixes (vuln, less revo) you can try to keep conc in and just swap added fire for Lgoh.

1.3 Flasks

Notes: If you dont have that opieopie Sins, go with a Sulphur Flask. Its a really good option (its around 10% MORE damage and 4% Life Regen). Roll the suffixes as you wish; i much prefer to have the freezing mod on a quicksilver (for maps with chilled ground and others slows) and shock immunity on my Basalt (i have most of the time a Breach leagueston active and shock immunity is a must here for me)

1.4 Current gear in SSF LHC


1.5 Leaguestones

My current prefered league stones order is slightly depended what gear i need. If you are still searching for some parts, i would highly recommend this order of League stones:

1. Essence
2. Perandus
3. Anarchy

However, if you think your gear is done and you want to focus solely on grinding through your maps, i would recommend (thats what i use at least):

1. Breach (Mobs, EXP)
2. Bloodlines (extra magic monsters)
3. Beyond (Mobs, EXP)

4. Onslaught (for the extra Quantity)
5. Ambush (Mobs, EXP)
6. Domination (Mobs, EXP)

1.6 SSF and Crafting section

This section is more or less for player that are not that experienced. I myself dont think i am a super good crafter. This actually is only how i handled things during the current SSF league. This is by no means stuff you need to do. These are only recommondations. Please take them as those, since there are for sure better and crafting guides from more experienced players.

1.6.1 Gettin' the Gear
So, to start this, the core problem of course are your neccessary stats on gear. Namenly, Life, added phys, Resses (including chaos) and Int (110 for conc eff). In addition, you need a pretty good weapon to really be competetive for later mapping. We actually have 10 slots to balance those stats. Some of these slots are _really_ hard to craft some are more easier to craft (low # of affixes). The shield im using seems to be easy to obtain; i dropped it meanwhile like 5 times.

These are easy to craft (low affix pool):
Armor (need Life, Resses), Helm (need Life, Resses)
Belt (need Life, Resses)

Medium Hard to craft:
Boots (Life, Resses, Movementspeed)
Gloves (if you dont have Snakebite, you gonna need Life, Resses, Flat Phys or IAS)

Hard to craft (Just too many affixes):
Rings, Amulet, Weapon

Before i did found my Belly, i used a rare chest (Chaos rolled). The easy to craft things you can try to chaos spam (or Alt+Regal) - getting a good result there is more likely by chaos spamming. However, the medium hard stuffs i recommend to craft via Essences. Gloves/Boots with Essence of Greed (Dont upgrad to Defeaning or Shrieking. Screaming is enough). For Amus/Rings and Weapon, i cant really give any recommondations. You just have to hope that you drop some decent ones. If you found/made a good weapon (Use Shrieking of Contempt for Weapons), you can use Shrieking Essences on Lapis Amulet and hope for a good 2nd stat and/or Resses. If you found a decent one, just add Elreon life on it and be done.

If you go for swords you can use my divination card The King's Blade. The card offers you an easy archievable (and the best base for flat scaling from Gear/Weapon) 1H Weapon. At lowest Roll of the Bloodthirsty mod, it still grants you a ~240 DPS weapon (with flat phys from Vagan), which is very solid 1H weapon to start with. It is, however, not usefull if you try to get a real end game weapon of 300+ pDPS (yes, intended :P).

1.6.2 A little bit 'bout Endgame
After finishing your gear, it kinda depends what is your main goal (Doing Challenges, Lv100, Conquer the Atlas etc.). If you really wanna go for 100, you need to use the available ressources as best as possible. This means, get Vegan for Brodeals (10 Alchs for 8 Regrest), since its a better ratio then Vendors offering you. I found it very problematic to keep my Alch's up. Dont use Chaos for rolling; they are the only currency you can use to pay Zana for modding. Close as many as possible from the low level maps on the Atlas (Tier 1-8). Tier 9 and the rest of Tier 1 you always drop are for Chisel Recipe. The mirror affix on strongboxes grants you Chance Orbs(2 Items of the same name = Chance Orb). Keep in mind, that 1 Orb of Chance has the Value of 8 Alterations, which is the ratio from Vendors (1 Fusing = Chance, 4 Jews = Fusing, 8 Alterations = 4 Jews) and for 8 Chance Orbs, you get 1 Alch from Vendors.

Other than that, try to do Prophecies - they reward you quite often with some currency as well.

1.7 'bout crit damage reduction
The point of choosing those stats is to bring down the top end damage even more. While Fortify is helping here already a lot, more EHP agains the more dangerous hits is always a welcome stat. However, if oyu look at the wiki page, you'll find out that monster have a base crit multiplier of 130%. This means:

If a monster is doing 1000 damage non crit, it will deal 1300 crit.

At a first glance, this doesnt looks to dangerous. The problem with the high top end damage occurs especially on high end maps, if mobs have a powerful crit mod + additional crit multi from the map pools. It can go up in total to:

1 + (30%/100 base + 65%/100 from powerful crit + 45%/100 from map affix) = 1 + 1.4 = 2.4

If a monster is doing 1000 damage non crit, it will deal 2400 on crit with the above mods.

If you have the mod m aka "reduced x% critical damage", the formula needs to be extended to:

1 + 1.4*(1-m/100) = 1 + 1.4*(0.5) = 1.7

which is a damage reduction of:
1 - 1.7/2.4 = ~30%

Considering that a lot of those hard hitting death occur by subsequent hard hitting mobs, those 30% are a real life saver. Another good point is, that this mod also brings down the crit damage of elemental crits, since its a general mod. No point in missing out such a good stat.(Source: http://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Enemy_Critical_Strike_Multiplier_Reduction)

1.8 Off and Defensiv Stats

Offensiv Stats
SS 1: Frenzy Charges
SS 2: Frenzy Charges + Onslaught
SS 3: Frenzy Charges + Onslaught + Sin's
Note: The DPS shown here doesn't take the additional Poison Damage into account.

Defensiv Stats (Not 100% satisfied, but getting the last min/max will take ages..)

SS 1: Clean
SS 2: Basalt and Sin's

2.0 Feedback and Suggestions

3.0 Vids

Strand(a bit exciting stuff at 2:20, when i enter the breach w/ beyond on map):
Poorjoys Asylum:

Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

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Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

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Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

Did some finetuning in some areas to make it better readable.
Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

Nice build! Leveling this right now and get a lot of fun! Thanks!
Thanks! Feel free to report any problems you found during leveling ;)
Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

I have only one question. I'm dumb, or you can't use sword with Sunder? You mean Staff, maybe?:)
Slareks wrote:
I have only one question. I'm dumb, or you can't use sword with Sunder? You mean Staff, maybe?:)

The problem is pretty much, that i couldnt tell what skill i use as i planned the passive ('cuz SSF). If you find a good sword in SSF you can use Blade Flurry (Thats what i did). But the okayish DPS coming anyway only from the Raider tree!

Of course, Sunder doesn't work with swords. But the passive tree essentially doesnt change, just the skill and the specialization of the passive tree.
Welcome to the greatest of arenas, Duelist. God is watching you.

Please forgive me for my stupidity :)
About levelling: it's pure fun. I just shattering everything on my way! This build is awesome!
What order would you take the ascendancies in?

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