[3.1] ED Tri-Curse OCC | Hybrid, CI, LL | UberAtziri/Lab/Shaper


i tried ED before and it did not work well for me(i'm not very good at this game - lol).

i'm having very good success so far with this build.

a friend of mine suggested spell cascade instead of arcane surge and i find that works really well.

also i use pierce in the ED links and that really speeds up mob clears at the expense of slightly less damage for bosses. it's especially helpful when there's annoying "allies can't die" rare in the pack.

a couple of things. i've always had problems with CI/LL builds because really they have 0 damage mitigation.

other than a basalt flask and a max'ed out ES pool is there anything else that can be done ?

for LL what should be the target ES?

last question, i'm having a terrible time with mana. i run dry constantly and yet i don't see any mention of maintaining a mana or use of a mana flask. am i missing something ?

thanks for the build guide.

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