Channeling spells "putter"

After the introduction of the channeling label to certain spells and the release of Scorching Ray etc, there's a bug that occurs when you double click and hold the key/mouse button "too fast". The spell starts "puttering". Hard to explain the bug so I've uploaded a video of what happens. What caused what you see in the video is me double clicking real fast and then holding down mouse button. Notice how I haven't run out of mana while casting flameblast, that's not what's causing the interruptions in channeling.

It only happens in predictive mode.

I've reported this before, I feel like it would be an easy fix. Help!! It's really affecting my gameplay. :'(

Please find video link below:

Last bumped on Apr 19, 2017 2:28:41 PM

Anyone over there at GGG have a chance to look at he video I posted?

Btw, I've noticed just recently that it's easier to duplicate the bug if the latency of the instance is at 50ms or above.
Had a similar problem with Wither and Firestorm, mimics being out of mana

Any news on the issue?


Any word from someone over there at GGG?

I linked a video on my original post for your convenience, let me know if you get around to taking a look at it <3

Hey guys, anyone with a little input here?

Just throw me a bone at least... :'(
Hi Zander_King thanks for taking the time to make this report and post a video. I can confirm this issue has been brought to the attention of developers!
Thank you so much for the response, Michael! Looking forward to hear more news on this in the future.


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