Economy breaking bug unfixed for many days - What should happen?

Quick rundown: It was possible to open maps without consuming the charges on leaguestones. This way possible for around 12 days and made it very easy for people who knew about it to farm insane amounts of currency (Imagine infinite chayula breaches, cartographer boxes etc).

The bug was reported but not fixed for 12 days. When confronted about it GGG said that "It was fixed quickly and had no significant impact"

What kind of repercussions would you like to see for this? Targeted banning is likely very hard to do, since there is no real "evidence" left behind.

Link to reddit thread:
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Detect exploiters and ban them for EULA violation, of course. Will drop them out of the economy, too, so this will fix that.
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reset league
my english sux.
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Detect exploiters and ban them for EULA violation, of course. Will drop them out of the economy, too, so this will fix that.

If they reported it then all's good....GGG generally don't ban for exploits unless they don't report it or it destabilizes the realms....if they did then all those snapshot aura abusers would have been banned
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1. perm ban all abusers, but this doesn't fix the already ruined economy
2. perm ban all abusers, reset league
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sadly, nothing will happen to the exploiters.
nothing to see here, just walk away.
Not like anything will change. Accept it and move on, or be more casual about the game and not give a fuck.
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I like GGG as a company even though theyve been going off in a direction of the game that I really dislike.

And I understand that sometimes there will be bugs.

But this type of shit is inexcusable. I'm sorry GGG but this is an elementary bug that should be caught as the new feature is implemented. I'd you're serious about expanding, hire some QA who can do whitebox testing as well as thorough blackbox testing

with this bug you've basically invalidated ssf ladder too, because it's sole purpose was to have ssf compete and show items that could be acquired without trading.

now everyone will assume you cheated whenever you have a bunch of items

Again, just inexcusable bug. If you implement consumable mats that add crazy map mods MAKE SURE THEY GET consumed
Well this would explain the massive inflation on high end items a week back...

- RIP Legacy League

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