Economy breaking bug unfixed for many days - What should happen?

inb4 this thread get locked like the one on reddit.

ggg will do jack shit. As long as you keep buying supporter packs and mtx they'll be happy to take your money and move on.

If you believe even 1 person will get banned for abusing this bug you are delusional.

If ggg were to take any action against those that abused the bug Chris would have woken up staff in the middle of the night.

He cares enough to let them sleep but not enough to cater to you crybabies. His response says it all.
I was really confused last week when a guy offered me 50c for a +3 splinters chayla breachstone. It is safe to say that I was happy with the trade and kinda curious to know how he was planning on getting returns from that investment...
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Should rename to "unethical league"

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Give moar Power Creep Pls

This league sure is legacy, all controversy of past years in one league, lol.
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So now we are all screwed on getting that legacy kaoms/mirrors/HHs because these assholes will corner the market once again.

Free economy in its finest, where the crooks gets the big rewards.
Since I'm playing ssf it doesn't bother me too much. I'm pretty surprised it didn't get out into the open much sooner especially given the bug report. I imagine a lot of players knew about it and kept quiet. Kind of ironic given the "ethical" meme going around.
Yes. Banning players for a mistake on GGG's part seems the way to go.

GGG said this didn't have a big impact. I choose to believe them because they are the ones to decide what that means in the scope of their game. I myself haven't noticed anything. High end items always become more expensive the further along a league is. Maybe this bug accelerated that. Maybe not.
Any anomaly that may or may not have arised from such a bug will resolve itself quickly enough now that it is fixed.

To answer your question: I don't see a reason to take further action. I don't feel wronged by the people who chose to exploit a certain bug, and I can see why GGG wouldn't feel wronged either.

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We should kidnap their families and burn their chocolate factories to the ground!
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the way GGG "handled" this bug is fuckin disappointing, maybe I expected too much :(
bug is on them,

therefore, make a patch that removes leaguestone charges FOR ALL USERS

i dont know why people think its a bannable thing...
a blame for a glitch is on the devs, not the players,

as far as a player knows, anything available to a player, is fair game,
thats like game design 101
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