Developer Q&A - Answers Part 1

Nicee, thanks for the answers!
Also, will you ever made the MTX bound to character window instead of items? It's a horrible act to find old and lost MTX because my chest is flooded with 200000 pages of old leagues.

Yes, in 3.0.0.

That's great to hear; I for one look forward to details about how this will be implemented. For example, will there be a 'strip all' button so you can easily yank aesthetics from all of your characters at once?

And on the subjects of aesthetics, I will again bring up ideas for two packs that are long overdue:

*Karui Marks
These are unusual in that they're not available for sale, but are earned ingame. Specifically, at certain points in his progression Haku remarks about your actions make you worthy of receiving certain marks associated with Karui deities - well, why not have those as unlockable MTX? I imagine they'd be body items that leave you topless (with the exception of appropriate bindings for the ladies) to show off your well-earned ink.
*Soldiers of Oriath
This idea 'began' life as the Blackguard pack, containing all the relevant MTX parts for players to 'disguise' themselves as part of the Ebony Legion - including the 'officer' uniform seen twice ingame (Capt. Artreri in the Western Forest; unnamed officer in the Sarn slums). With 3.0, it was only fitting to expand this to include all the new uniforms we'll be seeing in that expansion. I imagine it would also be appropriate for this pack to be part of a Fall of Oriath supporter package...
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Ugh, we should have asked if we would be able to organize the "M" tab... -_-
Please reply to your whispers for items... Even if you are mapping, in a rotation, in uber lab, or if its sold. Thank you. :D
I did press CTRL+F and searched for "trade"... My question was about that. Waiting for the next post, then. The questions mentioned here are interesting, but we need trade-related answers.
Thank goodness for the MTX page changes finally. Been waiting on that forever. Now if only we had a better overlay map that's been getting pushed back since closed beta :)
Cool beans.

Thanks for taking the time. :)
We don't plan to do this, and the reason is because the game will never be in a state where the servers have to be shut down for financial reasons. Running the servers is inexpensive - it's running the studio to create new content that consumes most of the resources. Making an offline version is masses of work, unfortunately.

Wow. that is good to know. PoE will still be around 20 years from now.
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Will there ever be an auto-sort button for inventory and/or stash...?
Unlikely... simulate the "weight" that items have... makes them feel real...

what the hell kind of answer is that, that doesn't make any sense at all, what a lame excuse

" you guys plan on eventually making an offline version of the game...
We don't plan to do this...
...Making an offline version is masses of work...

Sad but understandable

Why don't you make particle reduction options...
...once we have finished our optimisation work, it won't really make much of a difference to have particles reduced...

Regardless of performance, what about doing it for visuals? some people dislike having a lot of particles
If we made this change, they would have to be massively more expensive than they currently are. Is this a tradeoff you would prefer?

Yes, anything's better than having five indestructible copies of the same boot reskin cluttering up the MTX stash. Players shouldn't be required to fill their MTX stash up with indestructible useless things to have a chance at a timed-exclusive item (and some boxes do have items that are only obtainable from that box, like the Legacy Box's colored hideout crystals), it'd be bad design even if there weren't money involved, and the Mystery Box problem is and has always been way out of character for a game development company that's typically way better at designing things than this.

One solution: If the box rolls a non-stacking equipment or character effect that the player already received from the box, give the player a low-value stackable MTX like fireworks or hideout decorations or skin transfers instead. This method doesn't increase the probability of the player getting an equipment reskin they don't have yet whenever they open the box, or guarantee that a player gets every item after opening x boxes.
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