Act 5 Concept Art

PoE has the cutest skeleton monsters <3

Keep up the work art-team; attention to detail is amazing on these guys
the third one is adorable, pet mtx plz

Which would be all well and good; I'm hoping that the Blackguard uniforms (and the new variants shown in the Act 3 trailer) find their way into the store as well.
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that mantis is looking mean as hell
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The second one looks like it might use Lacerate that would be amazing.
I'm so sorry for ever doubting you guys D: (when you announced XB1.)

Awesome work!
Tala Moana Warrior!
those monsters looks kinda hilarious, don't think that the intended effect

just look at that laughing "spider" skeleton shooting skulls from it's crotch, I can't take that seriously

even the first enemy standing of four arms looks funny, can you imagine it swinging that staff trying to hit you?
This makes me moist
You make my ochinchin go doki doki.

Looks awesome

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