Today we're revealing three more pieces of concept art of monsters from our upcoming Act 5 release. These new monsters come from the Ossuary and Reliquary areas, which are new side areas in Oriath.

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Awesome. really looking forward to it!
bängan is bängan.
Hello I have a question.
Permanent Hardcore only.
Påppelrygget halv satan
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Ooh, nice and freaky.
I like the skeleton scorpion - and will the skull-sting bite me or sting me?
May RNGesus be with you!
Alekhoff wrote:
That first guy reminds me of RaizQT, is that a tribute to him or?

hehe, we thought the same thing broski :D
I am going to call that last thing Asspider.
Perception is reality.

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