Act 5 Concept Art

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Just a suggestion: I think that the third skeleton would look much more odd and spooky if the bones around his skull were to be removed.
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Not sure about the first one. It feels to me that he's too weird and make no sense in his own design. For the others I think you did a great design :P
Badass-looking monsters! Keep the concept art coming, I really like those posts.

Can't wait to try Act 5!
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Bring on the darkness!

My builds are ready..?
Snapshots are for photographers.
Those look great! Really like the first - I've never seen anything like it. The third's probably my favourite; I can't explain why, but it reminds me of the minions Necromancers could summon in Guild Wars 1. But this is even cooler. I really love the design on the second.

They're just... yes. Yes. These are yes. Yes/10.
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the third one is adorable, pet mtx plz
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wow, those look cool
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