New Microtransactions - Deicide Armour Set and Wings, Phoenix Wings

Love the new Armour set
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Mirror Drop T-14 Shrine
The Deicide wings look waaay too janky, almost like a statue made of stone.
It doesn't seem like a wing but damn.... it looks badass.
Flaming nipples....I'm too late now
GGG really lovin' them western designs from asia/japan. Armour reminds me of the xing tian.
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pls continue taking my money pls
daMn, these look pretty nice
I love POE thiiiiiiiiss much (see avatar picture)
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i want the armor set,

why is the max point pack only $20 ?? be nice to get more points per purchase...
Uh.. I came for the manifesto?
Woah! Those Phoenix Wings looks amazing.

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