New Microtransactions - Deicide Armour Set and Wings, Phoenix Wings

Is it just me or is it weird that GGG creat's a supporter pack armor set and then sells parts of it seperate. :(

The new stuff looks dope tho !

It's just you they didn't sell anything from supporters. Deicide is not an existing set and no supporter pack has wings.
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The new armour set and phoenix wings look amazing!
Sweet jebus I need this decide set badly.....good job ggg
Sweet !! Consider those things bought once I got back from my vacations
are you guys serious? how in any way does this shit look good? lol. im laughing my ass off at those deicide wings. those are hideous.

not my cup of tea, i'll definitely pass. but i may actually get just the deicide helmet
Considering I missed out on the Decapitation Head MTX long ago... being able to change my characters head into a candle is a good enough tradeoff.
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I absolutely LOVE the look of the Deicide wings. The armor looks great too. Of course, you can't equip the wings and the armor and not blast music from the metal band Deicide while mapping though.
Have you thought about adding cloth physics to the phoenix wings? Them weaving around behind you as you run and fight would look glorious.
Just bought the Phoenix Wings! Finally got wings to match my favorite armor!
The Decide set looks really ugly. The armour set is like a human shaped halloween pumpkin and the wing is like a giant horseshoe. The pheonix wing looks great tho.

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