New Microtransactions - Deicide Armour Set and Wings, Phoenix Wings

Why is it no one else see's fiery nipples when the characters running.
IGN: AuraMeThis
Did before it was cool:
Searing Bond Quad Curse
Consuming Dark/Bino's ED/Contagion
NoNamium wrote:
Could you fix your game please?

The game keeps crashing after 2.6 (this happened within 2 mins of each other just now), and sometimes I die because of this.

The game before 2.6 didn't crash for me.

Fx artits cant fix the game.. think for a sec :P
totally agree, Shield and weapons that can hold weapon effects properly too, we buy Ebony, we don't want divine effects lighting to poke out.

Set Fenix + Wings Fenix = OP!
time for some 3.0 supporter packs im out of coins and T-Shirts T_T
omg ggg, why do you have to torture me with these great new microtransactions that i cannot afford! i waited for something good but not like this D:
I really like the Phoenix Wings. :)
Nice! I love all.

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