2.6.0d Patch Notes

How is Arc Mage and/or other lightning damage casters damage not fixed yet?? They hit so hard, even more than most bosses in this game, 2-4k+ a pop depending on map mods... it's ridiculous.
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"Fixed a client crash that could previously have been avoided by turning off multithreading."

Wow thx for letting us know NOW!

What about the leaguestones capping things in map like silver coins, essences and so on?
Its not just strongboxes and monstrous treasure prohpecy..
So this means legacy leaguestones for legacy league?
Nice fixes.
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Love the Perandus change, just made this league that much better. Fantastic job!
Thanks for fixin multithreading crashes
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Fixed a client crash that could previously have been avoided by turning off multithreading. If you disabled multithreading, it can now be enabled again.

derp. I thought patch was already deployed.
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kolyaboo wrote:
Made Ancient Reliquary Keys allocated as valuable items, according to allocation rules.

What exactly does this mean?

Keys that drop will be allocated based on your party allocation settings when you're playing in a party, rather than being Free for All.

Also, this patch isn't out yet guys. None of these changes / fixes will take effect until the patch is released!
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Thank you for the explanation.

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