An open letter to casuals asking to dumb down the game or make rare items more common

Mathematician chiming in. Fewer.

People confuse a cardinal number with a continuum all the time. Fewer applies to a cardinal. Time less. You can't have 5 times. You can have 5 items. "Fewer" applies to things you can count. You can't have "fewer" money, but can have "fewer" coins.
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Shagsbeard wrote:
Mathematician chiming in. Fewer.

can you count infinity? ; so to connect with concept of infinity is less? If you can't count items (being both physically unable or not having data) can it become less items? Instead of fewer.

Also if it keeps the meaning of subject at hand, nobody can make you use other words, too.

I tried finding linguistic science articles about it, but there are none, as rules are being set by few people, and usage usually finds its way into lingua viva more than set of rules.

If you can count items as concept, then I will agree, it is fewer, until then its less imho.
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Shags and Charan are right.

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Ininity isn't a cardinal. There are trans-finite cardinals, but you can't "count to them".

"Counting to them" is really an idea for the Ordinals... a whole different ballgame.
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Corrected. There you go.

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I'm a cassual, and I couldn't agree more with OP.

Personally I hope that GGG will ramp up the difficulty again with the release of 3.0.

A ramp up to CB difficulty would be really nice to see, although I have my doubts that it will happen.

But with only one difficulty to play through it should really be at list slightly challenging, and not just faceroll until maps.
Perq wrote:
Please stop.

If you have less time to play, expect to get fewer items or be lower level.

Ps. Yes, that is my letter. Because quite frankly this is how simple this issue is. .-.

well, now that the grammar has been fixed, I can agree with this statement :)
Please, don't stop.
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fk how else will I get them to buff drop rates???
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An open letter to no-lifer folks trying to squeeze 'casual' players out of Path of Exile...

Please stop.

Build-defining items should be available on a spectrum of rarity. Not everyone who doesn't have the chance or desire to play the game twenty hours a day seven days a week wants to be relegated to itemless SSF junk-tier Flameblast all league erry league. We would like yo try cool and interesting stuff too.

Thank you for your (complete lack of) patience and understanding.

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